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Oct. 25th, 2010


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Settlement is today.  I'm crossing everything in hopes that it all goes well and the bank doesn't do anything silly.  I never realised, that even doing everything that was asked in a timely manner, the bank still managed to mess a few things up.  Not a nice thing to go through the Friday before the big day.  Urk!  In any case, no news is good news I suppose?

I've got two costume parties this week.  One is a 21st birthday on Thursday for Miss clu_ffvii , themed 80s Prom though my outfit is a little bit more 80s Pop Princess than Prom, and we're hosting a Halloween party on the weekend.  I haven't been to one in years, and costume parties are almost always awesome!  I'll be going as Princess Peach... Aaron will be Mario haha

Looking forward to both.  The weather is also doing nice things which makes me happy.

Aug. 19th, 2010


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We're serious now, with the house hunting. We've even engaged a solicitor to take a look at a contract for a possible purchase.  There have been a few previously that I would have loved to have put in an offer for (or bid at auction), but we weren't in the financial position to do so.

The place we're keen on is a 2-bed townhouse in a group of 5 behind a cake shop.  It's not much to look at from the outside, but really... we'll only be living here for 3-5 years before upgrading and renting it out, so I'm not too fussed about that.  The bedrooms are a decent size, and upstairs, the living space is awesome.  After squishing everything into our apartment in Sydney (and only living out of a bedroom right now), having this much space will be bliss.  It also has a great terrace balcony that will be awesome for summer parties.  Given that it is right in the middle of a shopping strip, and around the corner from the mall, it's also a pretty good location.

Anyway, cross fingers and see.  It's a pretty scary, but exciting process.

Mar. 5th, 2010


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Why is it that I can always think of something to post about, and then when I actually go to do just that, I forget it all?  Surely there's a name for such a condition.

Anyway.  I need more tea.

There really isn't that much to report.  Or maybe there is, and I just can't think of anything right now.  Housemate is back from India, dad is visiting for a conference, Aaron is still a contractor which kinda blows, and I've passed probation so now I'm officially a fulltime member of the working society.

Aaron and I also spoke to a mortgage broker a few weeks ago in the hopes of buying a place this year, but with him on contract, banks doesn't like to give out as much money as if he was full time PAYG (80% rather than 97% - not that we'd borrow 97% of the loan anyway but it's handy to have that option).  The thing that sucks is that the median houseprice for Melbourne has skyrocketed to $520,000 or so in the last 18 months.  And that can just be for a 1 bed apartment in some areas!  It's depressing really.  We want to save a larger deposit, but I'm worried the longer we wait, the higher the prices will go and the amount of money we borrow will essentially be the same regardless of our deposit.  Argh!  There's no signs of this slowing down too, as Melb currently has a housing shortage.  Bah and humbug!  We'll see, though.  I'd prefer Aaron to go off contract before anything happens, and his comes up at the end of April or something...

There's other stuff to say, yadda yadda, but I can't think.  Time to work.  MOAR TEA.

Nov. 12th, 2009



I'm employed again! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I had the 2nd interview this morning, which I blitzed and just accepted the offer this afternoon.  I'm working as a code monkey to begin with, but looks to develop into a Team Lead type role so it looks like a good career move.  It's a small company, and the people all seem nice, plus the location is pretty sweet - outskirts of St Kilda, where there's some awesome cafes and bars just around the corner.  Did some one say All Day Breakfast?  Om nom nom.

I start next Wednesday, as I have my neuro appointment Tuesday arvo.  I said I could start Monday, but they're okay pushing it back.

Hooray for income!  I can now pay off my HECs debt!

Nov. 9th, 2009


101 Things To Do in 1001 Days

I've seen this challenge pop up all around LJ lately.  I don't think it's an entirely recent thing though - I've just happened to stumble upon journals that are doing it.  It intriugues me because I like lists - they make me more productive (why I need a list to do just that will forever be one of life's mysteries... or maybe I just like telling myself what to do BUT ONLY ON PAPER.  See?  Mystery.). 

The gist (or jist?  Jist sounds dirty so gist it is) is that you come up with 101 goals and they can be anything, but not something like "go to the moon" because that would just be silly.  They must be attainable goals, life goals, long term goals, short term goals, musical, sporting, hobbies, you name it and that just makes something inside me go SQUEE.

The overall time is just under three years.  I've done some calculations and if I start it on my first wedding anniversary, I'll complete it on NYE 2012 if I want it to be date significant.  Alternatively, I could just start it whenever.

I think I'll do this.  It'll be a good way to motivate myself in ways that may not have happened WERE IT NOT ON A LIST.

If you are not familiar with this project, go clicky.

Nov. 1st, 2009



Not for me, but for Aaron.

He landed a job with WebJet last Wednesday, and got the confirmation call whilst we were out at the Microbreweries Showcase at Fed Square.  Being surrounded by beer gave us the perfect opportunity to celebrate, although we declined dumplings and went home early-ish like old people.  Still yet to check that dumpling place out - the queue was massive on Friday night.  Another time...

My employment options are quite substantial, I just need to take advantage of it.  The only thing holding me back is the lack of confidence from being out of the game for so long.   I was made redundant at the end of Feb - 7 months is a long time.  I've been sporadicaly applying for things that Aaron draws my attention to but I don't know.  I don't think I'm cut out for a software developer life but the alternative is just as difficult.  

We'll see how things go.

The weekend has been pretty neat.  Friday, we took gwyntt 's car out to the Gippsland area, and discovered that Yarragon is a place where one could spend a lot of money.  If only.  Caught up with a travel buddy that night, the idea being to have drinks at Madame Brussels, but we baulked at the idea of paying $50 for a jug of Pimms.  C'mon!  Korean BBQ for dinner, and a drink at Section 8 Container Bar, and the night was sweet.  I really missed Melbourne and it's funky bar culture.  Looking forward to reconnecting with it again.

Aaron starts his new job tomorrow, and then it's Melbourne Cup Day and a BBQ over here.  I'm to meet with a recruiter tomorrow, which resulted because I had applied for a job with them and it turned out to be the same job I had already interviewed for, just a different recruitment company.  Lame.  But... maybe something will come of this.  Having already worked at a recruitment firm, however, I'm not that confident in recruiters abilities.

Oct. 26th, 2009


Man vs Dust Bunnie

It's been a pretty epic day.

There was an epic battle between myself and the dust bunnies that were slowly taking over this house.  Thankfully, they are now under control with the TV room, kitchen, eating area, laundry, and landing at the bottom of the stairs all vacuumed and in some cases, floors washed.  Mish 1 - Dust Bunnies 0.

Also, I now have all my clothes back.  I did yet another cull, and got rid of a good couple of garbage bags worth of clothes before putting it all away, but it's so awesome having a full wardrobe again and not having to live out of a backpack.

I concluded the day with an afternoon spent sweeping the back patio and potting some herbs in an attempt of an herb garden.  Little did I realise that we already have a FLAMING HUGE ROSEMARY BUSH right near the back door.  I potted the seedling anyway :D

Oct. 23rd, 2009



We're in Melbourne now.  Have spent the past three days packing, and driving and unpacking and putting things together and cleaning and vacuuming and hooray, it's all done!  I can now sleep in my own comfy bed now instead of on the futon.  We've also moved the computer desk out of the room and upstairs to my parents room, so now it can officially be called 'ours'.  It's a good feeling.

The job interview didn't go that well, but to be honest, I wasn't all that surprised.  It did sound a bit too good to be true, and they were after someone with way more Flex capabilities than I have.  I was a little upset afterwards - mainly at myself for not being as prepared as I should have been, but I'm over it now.  I know I wasn't right for it, and I accept this.  Looking at Seek there are a couple of other jobs out there that are Flex-focused.  I'll be in job hunting mode over the weekend.  Big Al has also offered a head hunter type person to help me out.  He helped him out alot when he was living in Canada - we shall see how this goes.

Aaron has had his moments adjusting.  It was a little upsetting seeing him so sad.  He also managed to hit a tree with the truck we hired and from what I hear, it put a substantial dent in it.  Not exactly great as Overhead Damage is not covered by the insurance.  Grrr!  It wasn't like the tree was obvious either, it barely comes out over the road, but it nabbed the truck anyway.  Needless to say that didn't help his mood.  He seems to have perked up now that our room is mostly set up.

Anyhoo, it's time to drink beer and eat lots of Chinese food.

Sep. 22nd, 2009


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I am in so much awe of the dust storm in Sydney right now. Boo-urns for missing all the fun!

And because LJ is being a fucking moron, here is a link to a YouTube of what's going down in Broken Hill:

It's freaking me out, man!

Sep. 21st, 2009


home time

In two weeks, we`ll be out of here.  Flying home via Auckland... it will be a very long 36 hours.

I`m looking forward to going home, but at the same time, I`m not.  We`ve been travelling 4.5 months now and you kinda get used to that.  I`m dreading having to go home to find work - I`ve always hated the job finding process.  I suck at interviews, and well... I haven`t worked since the end of Feb, so it`ll be difficult to adjust again.

It`s been a fun trip though.  I love Canada, but I do think it`s quenched any desire to move here for any amount of time.  I think visiting every couple of years or so will be just as good.  It just sucks that it`s so ridiculously far away.

In other news, we`ve already started pondering our next trip.  Christmas 2010 in Germany seems to be the best option and maybe I can rope my parents into coming too.

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